Squash & Racquetball Team

Cameron White

Racquet of choice: Campeon /  Takeover 160G

Following Dad to the Numurkah Squash courts when I was 10 was the best thing that ever happened to me. It started a life long addiction that has enabled me to see most of the world and given me so much!

My first racquet was a “freebie” wooden cut down racquet (I was little) that was so cool (black frame and strings).  It was something I was proud of and still get the same buzz when I picked up the Manta Campeon Pro for the first time.

From Numurkah to Bairnsdale to Melbourne and Geelong after Year 12, I then got really serious and went to Switzerland and based there and then Holland always coming back to Australia for our awesome winter (not).

The people you meet and the places you go in Squash are a big highlight. I met my wife Sally who fell for my backhand cross court flick. I had to play it a few times to convince her I was the “one”.

I’m proud to represent Manta and  look forward to getting the racquet out tomorrow just like I did when I was 10.


20 years experience as a Squash and Racquetball coach.

Manager of the Belmont Squash and Fitness Centre( 2008‐2012)

10 years as a World Professional Squash Player, achieving a career high World ranking of 48 in 2003.

10 years as an athlete in the Victorian Institute of Sport.

5 Times Victorian Open Squash Champion (2001/2002, 2004/2005 & 2007).

2004 World Open Doubles Squash Champion.

Won the Australian Open Men’s Squash Doubles Championship – 2007/2008.

Victorian Squash Academy coach – 2010 ‐ 2015.

Victorian State Junior Team Squash Coach – 2010 ‐2013.

Tournament Director of the Victorian Open Squash Championships – 2009/2010.

18 Times consecutively Australian Open Racquetball Champion (2001 – 2019)

Geoff Wilcock

Racquet of choice: Campeon / Takeover 160G


  • Represented Victoria in every junior age group from u11-u19 and senior level
  • Played psa world tour for 13 years
  • Career high World Ranking of 49 in the world
  • Coached squash for 30 years both overseas and in Victoria, currently coaching Full time at Westerfolds, Bayswater


  • Have been playing racquetball for 25 years
  • I have won the Australian open 6 times
  • 2019 Australian Mens Open Doubles Champion
  • Victorian open champion 12 times and every other major event Australian wide
  • Coaching is my passion now and helping players reach there goals and become better players
  • I have created a squad of both squash and r/ball players and we are called TEAM WILCO

Geoff is also a member of the Victorian Squash and Racquetball Hall Of Fame

Peter French

Racquet of choice: Darkstar 160G

I started playing squash at the age of 9 or 10 when I was introduce to it by my mum. I started playing with Garry Pedersen who I still play racquetball with now. We are just as competitive now as we were 45 years ago. I played junior and senior pennant in Geelong.  I then moved onto playing Junior State Pennant and finally Senior State Pennant in Melbourne, playing several season in State 1. In 1989 for some more experience I traveled to Canada and Europe to play squash, winning a couple of tournaments.  I was also manager of the Belmont Squash Courts from 1984 to 1990.

Fast forward 15 years and after living in England for 10 years I started playing racquetball. After a few hits the hunger and passion returned and I was hooked. I began playing tournaments and now try to play every tournament available.  With the help of Skel Sports / E-Force racquets and equipment I have managed to achieve some success along the way.


2011 – Ranked #2 in Australia

2015 -Geelong Lawn Tennis Club Champion

2017 –Winner Tasmanian Open Doubles

2018 –Runner Up Australian Open

2017-2018 – Ranked #1 in Australian Doubles  

2018 – Winner Darwin Open

2018 – Ranked #1 in Australia

2019 – Semi-Final Australian Nationals Mens Open Singles

2019 – 2nd Australian Nationals Mens Open Doubles

Sue Dunlop

Raquet of choice: Leathal Reload 160G

I started playing squash at 18 as my family was managing Belmont Squash Courts and thought I better learn how to play the game if I am going to work there.

Continued to play squash off and on for the next 30 years, getting to State 1 and then on to Masters. Winning a few pennants and Masters age titles along the way.

May 2015, my brother (fellow Skel Sports team member Peter French) decided that despite not playing squash for 20 years that he could still beat me at squash and I decided that racquetball shouldn’t be too hard and that I would beat him. Results – win to me in Squash and win to Peter in Racquetball. A week later was the Geelong Open Racquetball tournament which I played despite not knowing the rules. One win, one loss but decided Racquetball was a great game to pay.

4 years on and the decision to focus solely on Racquetball in 2017 started playing off in 2018


2018 – Winner Wangaratta

2018 – Winter Darwin Open

2018 – Winner Tasmanian Open

2018 – Ranked #1 in Australia Womens

2019 – Winner ESRA Open


Marc O’Brien

Racquet of choice: Campeon


Darren ODonnell

Racquet of choice: Takeover 160G



Harrison Attwood

Racquet of choice: Extreme

For as long as I can remember, the Squash courts have been my second home. My father introduced me to the sport at a young age and I haven’t looked back since.

Being an ambitious junior player, I was keen to develop my skills and play in as many tournaments as I could. Travelling as far as New Zealand in 2015 for the North Island Junior championships. I was also in the South Australian junior development squad for quite some time. Eventually, there came a time where at my local club, I was able to compete against the best there was and eventually becoming the club champion just last year.

Looking into the future, I am eager to represent the Manta brand and continue travelling interstate to play in as many tournaments as possible.




Tom Kelson

Racquet of choice: Extreme / Lethal Reload 160G

I first started playing Squash at the age of 10. My sister and brother were already playing after being introduced to the game from our Aunt and Uncle.

Over the years I played in the junior completion at the Warrnambool Squash and Racquetball centre, unfortunately the junior completion folded. Most remaining players moved across to the Action Squash Club junior competition, but a few of us stayed and applied our trade in the seniors.

Due to other commitments and living out of town I was only able to play one night a week. I still managed to move my way through the grades and at 18 competed in my first of many club championships final. After receiving my licence I started playing a second night a week down at Action. At 19 I competed in my first Western Districts Championship (a team event at the time), now an individual event which I have managed to win on numerous occasions. I also started playing Racquetball.

At age 20 I started committee work, soon becoming President of the WSARC. With declining numbers in town, the two clubs decided to join forces in 2008, taking up home in the Action Fitness Centre. I continued to play in our weekly completion. Due to the closure of the Action Fitness Centre at the beginning of 2014 we were left without courts to play on. After some time Timor Street was again opened with an agreement with the new owners. With Squash coming so close to folding this really revitalized my love for the sport.

These days I’m working on lifting the profile of squash in Warrnambool and encouraging our members to get out and playing as many tournaments as they can. I’m currently competing in Division One for squash, and Open Racquetball. At 33 I’ve never had so much love for the game.


Steven Crowe

Racquet of Choice:  Extreme

Steven is not known for his on court performance but more for his IT performance and extra help he’s provided Skel Sports. His help is invaluable and there for he is without doubt part of the Pro Team!




Pickleball Team

Mathew Monty

Paddle of choice: The Matrix

Matt has a Bachelor of Coaching, Post Grad in Sports Science and ATPCA Masters Tennis Coaching Qualification.

Matt has been coaching Tennis and Pickleball for 10 years and have been trained by world renowned coach in Bill Beckwith.

Winner of the first Victorian Pickleball Men’s Doubles championship.

2019 Australian National Pickleball Championships Mens Open Doubles 2nd

Ranked #1 in Australia Mens Open Doubles

Pickleball is such a fantastic sport for all abilities and my role as Victorian Coordinator is to provide the best Pickleball coaching to help grow this fantastic sport.