Graphite composite construction and 7 exclusive E-Force technologies also found in our over $200 high performance racquets make the Breakout an outstanding racquet and value. Designed and manufactured with multiple graphite parts and moulded together using high temperature and pressure, each frame segment is engineered for optimum response. The new BreakOut includes our exclusive 22” LongString Technology, in which the 8 centre mainstrings run unobstructed the entire 22 inch frame length and through the hollow racquet handle. Mainstring and stringbed deflection is increased delivering devastating power. Launch Pad Technology further increases stringbed deflection and power. Total Power Head and Tri Carbon Technologies increase frame stiffness, reduce frame distortion and deliver light weigh manoeuvrability and even more power. E-Force’s exclusive Zero Richter Tubes reduce vibration while leaving just the right amount of racquet “feel”. And the By Pass String system improves ball response and reduces string breakage. The BreakOut is an all round graphite composite power racquet with E-Force technologies that deliver winning points for players of all skill levels.