E-Force’s high performance Lethal Reload is the third and latest generation in the Lethal performance series. The Lethal Reload features 11 E-Force technologies including the massively powerful Extreme LongString and an incredibly durable Dual Cylinder Frame. Extreme LongString, where every string extends to the outside edge of the frame or through the hollow graphite handle, creates unparalleled stringbed deflection and incredible power. Power to help new and intermediate players enjoy the game; and power for the more advanced to shoot down any opponent. Dual Cylinder, increases frame durability and power assisting stiffness; while allowing all strings to be “Extreme LongString” long. In addition, the Lethal Reload has been upgraded over earlier Lethals with Power Boosters and the extended Zero Richter Tube X2. Other technologies to make your time on the court count include: 22” LongString, Launch Pad Technology, Hi Compression Wing Frame, Bypass Stringing System, Tri Carbon construction and Total Carbon Head. Lethal for your opponent!