The Bedlam Stun 150 . . . increased maneuverability and super fast head speed combined with E-Force’s exclusive overwhelming power and control technologies. Outstanding for a variety of players and play styles, including: juniors, doubles, trading shots at the front wall, players looking for more head speed, and more. Unsurpassed for quick reaction maneuverability. The Bedlam Stun 150’s incredibly low weight is achieved by a combination of stiff and light high quality graphites and eliminating all but the most essential structural components. We even eliminated the paint . . . but we did not eliminate the power! The structurally strong frame includes E-Force’s Power Trac Frame, Wish Bone Technology, Total Carbon Head and Tri Carbon graphite construction. Total power and control is achieved with E-Force Technologies: 22” LongString, Monster String Holes, Launch Pad Technology, Zero Richter Tubes X2 and By Pass Stringing System. Quickness, speed and power for all levels of play!